W.K. Greyling

White Bird
Book two of the Aure series

Merisande has returned home to heal from her harrowing ordeal in the fae kingdom. Sir Avry continues to write to her in the hope that he can spark a romance between them. Meanwhile, the king appoints Avry as his successor. Avry has no choice but to accept the title of king-in-waiting, despite his fear that it’ll ruin his chances with free-spirited Merisande.

His personal issues are soon pushed aside when an old enemy returns, bent on destruction. The fae king, having survived the ruin of his kingdom, has sworn revenge and sends The White, a giant, shape-shifting bird, to attack Avry’s people.

The White has been subjected to centuries of mistreatment by her handlers, known as binders. And the danger she poses cannot be understated.

As Avry desperately tries to find a way to save his people from the evils of the fae king, Merisande’s sudden disappearance only adds to his worries. But soon an unexpected ally appears as the fae prince returns from afar, intent on righting his father’s wrongs.

Has he come in time? Or has his father unleashed a power that threatens to destroy their world forever?

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