W.K. Greyling

“Beneath the Roots has a dreamlike quality that reminds me of some early 20th century fantasy writers I used to read — William Morris and Lord Dunsany, to name two.” – Allister Thompson

Beneath the Roots [Book Image]

Beneath the Roots
Book one of the Aure duology

When free spirited Merisande flees into a cursed wood to avoid an unwanted marriage to Sir Avry, she finds herself in a hidden kingdom full of winged people who keep human slaves. Her betrothed follows her there, and they are both captured and enslaved. Having learned that the fae king plans to attack their people and gather more slaves, Avry and Merisande must learn to work together to escape and save their country from impending doom.

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White Bird [book image]

White Bird
Book two of the Aure duology

The kingdom of Aure has been attacked by a mysterious skin-shifter known as The White. While newly appointed regent, Sir Avry, searches for a way to combat the threat, Merisande disappears and all signs point to The White as her abductor. But Avry will soon learn that things aren’t always what they seem.

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Author Bio

Canadian novelist W.K. Greyling lives in the maritime province of Nova Scotia. When she’s not writing, she spends her time curating the music library for Ancient FM, an online medieval and Renaissance radio station.

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