W.K. Greyling

“The continued world building was delicious and the writing style was spectacular. Lots of talent here.” –Best-selling author D. Fischer on White Bird, book two of Aure

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Witterkin [Book Image]


Nya, a reviled wise woman, embarks on a quest in another world to find Windsinger Yaro—a man she loves, and who may hold the key to saving the magical beings known as Witterkin.

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The Mothertree series

Silver Light [Book Image]

Silver Light
Book one of Mothertree

Walde has inherited a forbidden power from his father, enabling him to commune with Thara, an enigmatic being that lives deep in the earth. Walde thinks he can keep this power a secret, but one day he slips. His father is blamed and executed, the body placed on a raft and sent down a rushing river. Walde breaks free and goes after him…only to discover that the execution was staged. Very much alive, his father floats off to a mysterious end. During Walde’s perilous journey to rescue him, he learns what is truly at stake: not only his father, but also his people’s entire way of life.

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Battle for the Woodlands [Book Image]

Battle for the Woodlands
Book two of Mothertree

Walde and the other Reachers struggle to restore one of the last great Mothertrees, their only link to the being deep in the earth, while enemies range against them. Without the Mothertrees, the Reachers' children cannot grow. This fact becomes personal when Walde discovers he will be a father.

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The Aure series

Beneath the Roots [Book Image]

Beneath the Roots
Book one of the Aure series

When free spirited Merisande flees into a cursed wood to avoid an unwanted marriage to Sir Avry, she finds herself in a hidden kingdom full of winged people who keep human slaves. Her betrothed follows her there, and they are both captured and enslaved. Having learned that the fae king plans to attack their people and gather more slaves, Avry and Merisande must learn to work together to escape and save their country from impending doom.

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White Bird [book image]

White Bird
Book two of the Aure series

The kingdom of Aure has been attacked by a mysterious skin-shifter known as The White. While newly appointed regent, Sir Avry, searches for a way to combat the threat, Merisande disappears and all signs point to The White as her abductor. But Avry will soon learn that things aren’t always what they seem.

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Author Bio

Canadian novelist W.K. Greyling lives in the maritime province of Nova Scotia. When she’s not writing, she spends her time curating the music library for Ancient FM, an online medieval and Renaissance radio station.

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